Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

In a strategic partnership the partners remain independent; share the benefits from, risks in and control over joint actions; and make ongoing contributions in strategic areas.
Most often, they are established when companies need to acquire new capabilities within their existing business. Strategic partnerships can take the form of minority equity investments, joint ventures or non-traditional contracts

To implement a successful customer-centric brand strategy, ICS introduced the operational excellence. They should be exceptional on practical points, such as product offering or omnichannel experience, so they have a basis from which they can reinvigorate and maintain customer engagement.

A framework for Success


The most important step, we build a strong brand strategy. This starts with defining the right brand identity. Understand what our brand represents, value customers.


Rather than starting from square one, which benefit from a capabilities-driven strategy. Identify what our competitive advantage is and build your strategy around that.


ICS focus will be on building operational capabilities so you can take action on your strategy. Be mindful of how to allocate resources in a way that aligns well.


The key is to grow strategically through innovation, strategic alliances, and more to stay on top in the digital market with high grownth rate.

Why a Strategic Partnership ?

First, let’s consider why you would want to enter into a strategic partnership agreement in the first place. A strategic partnership is a mutually beneficial arrangement between two separate companies that do not directly compete with one another.

Companies have long been engaging in strategic partnerships to enhance their offers and offset costs. The general idea is that two are better than one, and by combining resources, partner companies add advantages for both companies through the alliance.

Developing strategic marketing partners can help you grow your business at a very low cost. For example, if the partner is in a complementary business, you could refer clients between one another. Both partners would increase revenues with no additional advertising costs.

Our Approach

Deep Industry Relationships

For over a decade, we have been one of the most active participants in the secondary market. We have developed an extensive network of limited partners, advisors and general partners who value the credibility, thoughtful attention and pro-active engagement we bring to each opportunity.

Long-term Collaboration

Our long-term, relationship-based philosophy is at the core of our continued stability and success. Many of our opportunities are sourced from existing relationships forged over multiple transactions and investments. Our transaction partners benefit from the seamless and informed transaction process that we have established and refined over 15 years of operations.