Service Now

ICS is a leader in IT Services with several years of experience serving customers from all industry segments. The combination of our SME's, Engineers, Extensive homegrown IP, thorough knowledge of processes, tools and technologies provide us with a decisive advantage in solving our client's most complex problems.

With considerable expertise in ServiceNow, ICSoffers ServiceNow implementation services and consultation. This helps are clients maintain optimized workflow processes, easily troubleshoot interruptions in processes, reduce the redundant structures and enhance the business model. By combining ICS’s proven Delivery Model coupled with Agile Development Methodology with ServiceNow’s state-of-the-art Platform, our clients are witnessing advanced performance levels. We help businesses Accelerate Growth, Improve Efficiency and Reduce IT Costs by unleashing the power of ServiceNow technologies.

About ServiceNow

ServiceNow provides an array of products based on different workflows that help accomplish different tasks within the business, increase the productivity of the workforce and streamline the complex nature of work with the help of their Enterprise Cloud Platform. It is called the 'Now Platform'.
Looking at the features of the ServiceNow Platform, it delivers the IT, Employee, and Customer Workflows that help grow the business, with customized solutions to capture every aspect of Digital Transformation.


Business Process Automation

Automating processes with the help of Digital Workflows like the IT Workflow, Employee Workflow and Customized Workflow across all sections of the company.

Application Development

The Platform grants the developers of all skill sets, the power to create and build applications according to their needs.

Universal Integration

Integrating different third-party applications, data sources and devices is possible to reduce the manual work.

Our Services

IT Service and Infrastructure Management

  • Issues Handling
  • Problem space Management
  • IT Transformation
  • Back-end System Integration
  • System Configuration
  • Structure Mapping and Optimization
  • Service Level Management
  • Infrastructure development
  • Reduce IT Costs

Workflow Optimization

  • Creating Digital Workflows for IT and Employee Section
  • Customized Workflow creation
  • Departmental Relationship and Entity Mapping
  • Automate the redundant Processes
  • Reduce Time to Delivery
  • Optimize Work Time
  • Enhance Business Model

Business Process Transformation
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Developing IT Strategy
  • Alignment of IT Strategy to the Business Management
  • Cutting down on Unwanted Services Paths
  • Reiterating Current Workflows
  • Transforming the work process to make it automated
Customer Service and HR Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Services
  • Mobile and On-the-go Application Development
  • Employee Management System
Platform and Application Integration
  • Third-party data sources, Applications can be easily Integrated
  • Easy App Development for all skilled Developers
  • Customizing App Development
  • Agile Development Methodology
  • Reusable Technical Environment hence Reduce Time
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership