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Trying to expand and reach new customers is a big challenge, but you're just the right size to succeed by being quick to come up with new ideas, being flexible, and avoiding too much red tape. If you start using SAP® Business Technology Platform, you can keep all the things that make your business awesome while getting better at organizing tasks, understanding information, and using smart technology as you grow.

After all, one misplaced semicolon, and a 4 am push to production could sink even the most reputable of companies. Thankfully, in today’s world, we have tools to handle all that.

When a business is just starting out, the employees work closely with customers and collaborate together to make smart decisions. But as the business grows and more customers come in, it can become harder to keep up without the right help. That's where SAP Business Technology Platform comes in!

Made to grow alongside your company, SAP Business Technology Platform assists and connects all SAP and external backend software systems. It handles a wide range of functions, from keeping employees engaged and enhancing customer experiences to managing finances, procurement, and the digital supply chain. With SAP Business Technology Platform, you can create, operate, and oversee applications without the complications of constructing and upkeeping the usual infrastructure required for developing and launching an application. This is made possible through features like:

Open Platform: Develop, connect, and expand personalized and collaborative mobile apps in the cloud. Utilize a complete range of smart technologies and business services. SAP Business Technology Platform, combined with Cloud Foundry technology, enables flexible innovation with any coding language or service. You have the freedom to deploy on your preferred hypercloud.

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Efficiency and speed in how work gets done are extremely important for a growing company's ongoing growth and success. This is particularly crucial when facing competition from startups and well-established brands. In today's rapidly changing and high-pressure economy, businesses must have streamlined processes that provide user experiences similar to what consumers expect. This applies not only to engaging employees but also to business partners and customers. Essentially, businesses should incorporate smartness throughout their operations, procedures, and overall business approach.

SAP Business Technology Platform is there to assist and adjust your applications and clever scenarios – like the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and predictive analytics. It does this by providing reliable and expandable connections and integration across intricate, diverse, and mixed environments. With this platform, you can handle large amounts of real-time data to automate processes, all the while revealing insights and enabling quick decision-making.

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