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ICS Global Soft, we provide a wide range of solutions in the international staffing sector engaged in the acquisition and successful integration of US Staffing Agencies. We strive to be a trusted partner to our candidates, employees, and clients. Whatever your specific needs and goals may be, ICS Global Soft is a reliable solution and a unique and sharable total information hub.



Finding The Right Talent

By being pursuing dynamic, flexible and Acquisition targets in that place candidates staffing in Finance and Accounting, Administrative, Engineering in Information Technology and Commercial staffing jobs. we are able to work within whatever parameters our people should require, after all, our people are our most important asset. As part of highly targeted consolidating model, the company not only brings experienced management with extensive staffing sector expertise, but a wealth of consultants and industry. Partners to effectively execute on various emerging opportunities within this high-growth sector of our economy.


Our History

Founded in and headquartered in Irving, TX, ICS Global Soft is a leading staffing and recruitment company which provides hiring solutions faster than anyone in the industry. We deliver quality results for all types of positions including Technology, Finance, Engineers, Sales Executives, Marketing, Accounting, Scientific, Legal and Operational positions across all Industries Nationwide. ICS Global Soft, Our Client come first and their complete satisfaction is our utmost priority. Meet the Leaders who make us work with great efficacy.



Our vision

Empowering people by connecting them with employment opportunities and enhancing value in our universe.

Our Mission

To create value in every interaction, with all entities, by providing the highest levels of service, while staffing the universe one person at a time.


Meet The Team


Sri Hari Tatavarthi


ICS Global Soft as a designated expert in the staffing industry. Sri Hari’s background of being into corporate sector for several years has ensured that ICS Global Soft builds its own sophisticated software tools for automating within the Staffing Industry.

Human Resources Team

A focused and professional Human Resources Team. Superior strengths include: exceptional organizational skills and the ability to see the big picture. Dedicated to the delivery of tasks on time and on target. A mentor to others, energizes teams and a strong supporter of positive change. Recognized for innovative and effective customer service initiatives, as well as a keen sense of community responsibility. HR appropriately to bring results oriented resolution that increases overall engagement, develops company culture, and results in higher quality productivity that leads to goal attainment. Using pathways such as employee relations, leadership level coaching and development provides me with an in depth insight into daily operations and gives me the ability to be creatively proactive in implementing strategic initiatives that result in a married success for both “Human Resources and the organization”.